Project Name

VCB and Protection Relay Shourijeh D, Pump Station
LV Breaker, contacor Assaluyeh Phase 20 21
LV Breaker, contactor, Relay Assaluyeh CCPP
LV Product Zabol water treatment
LV Product Miyaneh water treatment
VCB Khousestan Steel Complex
LV Product and VCB Chabahar Power plant
VFD, LV Product Fakour Sanat
VFD, LV product Zolal Iran
VFD, LV product Lian shimi Gostar
LV product, Relay Fara sanat
VCB, relay and spare part Safa Niku
LV, MV product, Relay Arya Sanat (Swg. Manuf.)
VFD, VCB Neku niro tavan (Swg. Manuf.)
LV product, relay South Azadegan