who we are

Parminsanat Company always put the customer oriented principle in its organization policy priority; and they are believed that selling a product is the beginning of customer retention and sales development. Hence, this company has always asked the sales engineering team to advise engineering consulting to our dear clients such as training, knowing the equipment, how to apply and use them, regular periodic inspection services.
Also this company in order to maintain and respect our customers, take action to implement the ISO: 10002 of customer service and always to communicate effectively with their customers in terms of their entry until the end of the service.
This company has taken an important step by utilizing the technical knowledge and attracting of skilled, experienced and motivated personnel, focusing on the supply of the goods and the basic needs of the power sector of the industry and major projects of the country. Parmin Sanat Pooya Co. is proud to introduce intelligent building systems and electrical building equipment by obtaining representation from reputable European brands in order to complete its portfolio of products in the field of electricity.