Medium voltage circuit breakers
January 15, 2017
Medium voltage switches
January 15, 2017

IEC indoor vacuum contactors VSC

MV contactors are suitable for operating in AC and are normally used to control electrical equipment requiring a high number of hourly operations, up to 12 kV, 400 A.

V-Contact VSC are suitable for controlling electrical apparatus in industry, in the service sector, in the marine sector, etc. Thanks to the breaking technique with vacuum interrupters, they can operate in particularly difficult environments. They are suitable for control and protection of motors, transformers, power factor correction banks, switching systems, etc. Fitted with suitable fuses, they can be used in circuits with fault levels up to 50 kA.

Why ABB?

  • Low chopping current
  • High number of operations
  • Negligible auxiliary power requirement
  • Long electrical and mechanical life