Parmin Sanat Pooya

is the first and the largest designer and manufacturer of standard mining farms in a way of play and plug that its factory is located in SHAMS-ABAD industry city.

Anti-box Q Bit Rev 04 is the most complete cool air system and has a pressure drop calculator, Filtration, Cellulose pads and an advanced water supply system that these are installed inside containers which have been ordered with specific dimensions. (No shipping containers are used at all.) According to customer selection and geographical location, the equipment of each Anti-box has the below options;

کانتینر فارم ماینینگ Q Bit

  • Waterproof box (can be ordered), with 3m height, steel material with liner color and polyurethane finally with 200 micron thickness, 100 to 320 S9JMiner or other models capacity.
  • Rack with screws and nuts, adjustable height for any type of miner (the product of ELSTEEL Denmark).
  • Main switchgear with control equipment and electric distribution by France electric Schneider and Italy ABB, equipped with intelligent control system of humidity, heat, planned ventilation control and programmable extrusion fans.
  • To connect the switchgear to the racks without the use of wires or cables to prevent the risk of fire.
  • Fan output with pressure drop compensation power up to 160 Pascal with intelligent control.
  • G4 dust filtering with waterproof standard and an all-polymeric resin frame to prevent dust.
  • Sand Trap Louvre Special for handheld or removable (motorized).
  • Cellulose pads with Finnish paper and aluminum duct tape for cooling system.
  • CAT6 Network Cable with precise embellishment and hidden installation and Cisco switch hubs.
  • Silver plated sockets and hidden wiring.
  • Water pump (1000 lit tank) and a complete water supply system.
  • All UPVC container doors are fitted with German Locks and hinges.
  • Fire extinguisher (6 Kg CO2).


- Design and manufacturer of demand switchgear.
- Design and manufacturer of the latest generation of mining containers in a way of portable and fix , with filtering modules and conditioner
- Maintenance and operation of installed farms
- Design and install of gas generators for new farms
- selling new and used minors with legal custom clearance
- With the clearance of law and the green paper
- with legal custom clearance
S9J- M21S - S17+ - T17+ - T15 -T9+ - S11

تابلوبرق ماینر با تجهیزات اشنایدر الکتریک فرانسه و سیستم باس داکت توزیع برق(جایگزین کابل)

For more information regarding how to produce Miner box model Q Bit Rev 04and the production stages please do not hesitate to contact with us.

Address : First Floor , No 45 , Mohammadi Alley , Kaveh Blvd , Andarzgou Blvd , Tehran-IRAN
Phone: 021-26655400

furthermore, all the equipments such as switchgear distribution are licensed, supplied and installed by gas generators.